The Comeback‘s run at the Noël Coward Theatre has now ended. If you’d like to learn more about The Pin’s future work, you can follow them on Instagram or Twitter.



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THE COMEBACK, a brilliantly original and hilarious new comedy, is set to delight all generations at the Noël Coward Theatre this July. This debut play from The Pin’s award-winning Ben Ashenden and Alex Owen – ‘destined to become one of the great comedy duos’ (Radio Times) – tells the story of two double acts fighting to wrestle control of the most chaotic, farcical and high-stakes gig of their respective careers. Directed by Emily BurnsTHE COMEBACK will have audiences doubled over laughing and wiping a tear away at the end with its heart-warming exploration of bittersweet nostalgia and the enduring power of friendship. This show is a much needed dose of feel-good, dizzying escapism with real emotional heart, and a celebrity guest each night to boot.

Up-and-coming comics Ben and Alex have been booked in the warm-up spot for a beloved but fading double act’s comeback tour. Neither duo are delighted to be playing to a sparse crowd in a sleepy, seaside town, but when it’s revealed that a Hollywood director is in the audience, both acts glimpse a final chance for their big break. Cue sabotage, mistaken identity and full on farcical mayhem, as the performance descends into a desperate battle for the limelight.

With the action alternating between offstage and on, and the tone between Noises Off and Morecambe and Wise’s old-school charm, this is a warm-hearted, joyful, and dazzlingly funny new comedy.

Furiously funny. London’s new heartwarming hit.


Surreal, silly and very, very funny!

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Cast & Creative Team

Written by and starring

Ben Ashenden and Alex Owen (known as The Pin)


Emily Burns

Set and Costume Designer

Rosanna Vize

Lighting Designer

Prema Mehta

Sound Designer

Giles Thomas


Charlie Ferguson


Alex MacKeith

The Comeback is presented by

Sonia Friedman Productions

Tulchin Bartner Productions

in association with

Playing Field, Eilene Davidson Productions, Rupert Gavin/Mallory Factor, David Mirvish